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Important Phone Numbers

Attendance Office: 901-751-6403
Athletic Office: 901-751-6408
Guidance Office: 901-751-6405
HS Office: 901-751-6401


HS School Year Start Times

Mon, Tue, Thur. and Fri: 7:30 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesdays are considered "Late Wednesdays" and school begins at 8:05 am and dismisses at 3:00 pm.

Theme Verse for 2015-2016

. . . I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12 

Student and Parent Handbooks

Here is the link to the Student Handbook and the Parent Handbook.  Please note that there are no Student Agendas.

Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week Schedule

Lazy Monday (2/8) - Students will pay $2 to wear their comfortable clothes.  The money collected will be used to help fund class retreats, pep-rally's, etc... NO LEGGINGS, YOGA PANTS, OR SPANDEX!
Time Hop Tuesday (2/9) - Dress up as a senior kindergartener or senior citizen
Out of this World Wednesday (2/10) - Channel your inner nerd and wear anything from outer-space (Star Wars, Star Trek, aliens, etc...)
TV Thursday (2/11)
     Seniors - Disney Channel
     Juniors - ESPN
     Sophomores - Animal Planet
     Freshmen - CSPAN
Green and Gold Friday (2/12) - Show your school spirit

Everything must be Briarcrest appropriate.  See Coach Nabors or Mr. Sullivan if you have any questions.

2015-2016 Dress Code

At Briarcrest Christian School, it is our belief that the physical appearance of our students is an essential element in developing personal responsibility. All students at BCHS will be required to wear school uniforms each day unless a special dress day has been designated. Dress
code applies to all school events unless indicated otherwise by the administration. No dress code is all-inclusive; therefore, clothing may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of faculty and administration. The school reserves the right to identify styles or colors of clothing as disruptive to the educational setting. 

General Guidelines: Students should ENTER AND EXIT the building each day in dress code compliance.
• All uniforms must be purchased from DENNIS- Larose Uniforms, and each will be marked with the BCS school logo.

• If any student is not in uniform, he/she will be asked to correct the offense or receive disciplinary action
• Clothing must be neat, clean, modest, hemmed, free from excessive wear, and SIZE/LENGTH APPROPRIATE.
• Any item of outerwear may be worn to school, but any outerwear entering the classroom or worn in the hallways must be from DENNIS- Larose Uniforms, BCS Bookstore (Saint Shop), BCS Letter jacket, and team jackets.
• Skirts for girls must be no more than 2 inches above the knee in length.
• Shirts for boys must be tucked in; shirts must be long enough to be tucked in. Boys: belts must be worn and should be brown or black only and completely visible (no large buckles).
• A collared uniform shirt is required Monday – Thursday. BCS T-shirts may be worn on Fridays.
• Undershirts must be SHORT – SLEEVED, SOLID (no writing), and WHITE ONLY. No other color undershirts may be worn. No long-sleeved shirts/undershirts may be worn EXCEPT BCS uniform shirts, blouses or polos.
• Tights/leggings must be mid-calf or longer and must be navy blue, forest green, or black. Girl’s socks must be solid white, navy, forest green or black.
• Visible solid socks are required for boys. Crew length socks must be worn on chapel days. Acceptable colors for socks: Navy Blue, Black, White, Forest Green, or Khaki.
• Shoes must be closed toe, closed heel, and flat. They must be black or brown leather, suede, or athletic shoes.
• Athletic shoes: The majority of the upper shoe must be of a conservative color such as white, grey, blue, green, brown, tan, or black. The dominant color may not be bright colors such as Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Neon, etc.
• Oxford are acceptable for boys or girls. On chapel days, tennis shoes are unacceptable.
• All shoes must be properly worn and shoes intended to have laces may not be worn without laces or untied. All shoes should be in good condition, clean, and free of writing.
• Shorts for boys and girls may be worn year- round. 

The following are not acceptable: 
• Writing on clothing, shoes, or body.

• Non-uniform long-sleeved shirts worn under uniform shirts.
• T-shirts/undershirts in any color EXCEPT white.
• Jewelry: No earrings or body piercings on males. Females: no body piercing other than the lower lobe of the ear.
• Hats/caps/scarves/bandanas or other headgear/ sunglasses inside the building.
• Extreme types of haircuts and/or color. Hair color must not deviate beyond the normal hair color range of the student. Male students’ hair must not hang below the collar, touch the eyebrows, or extend below the middle of the ear. Sideburns should not extend below the base of the earlobe.
• Facial hair (beards, mustaches, long sideburns). Male students must be clean-shaven each day.
• Clothing that is not properly sized. Form-fitting tops that reflect the imprint of undergarments are unacceptable. Pants/slacks and tops must overlap enough to avoid exposing the midriff when normal movement such as stooping, stretching, etc. occur.
• Stained, dirty and/or frayed clothing with holes or patches, regardless of design.
• Visible undergarments.
• Multi-colored or striped socks.
• Skorts for Girls
• Deck shoes/Canvas sneakers for chapel (rubber sole)
• Visible tattoos (temporary or permanent).

• On designated days such as chapel, females will wear a plaid skirt with fitted blouse or Oxford button down blouse. Boys will wear Oxford button down shirts and visible school uniform tie. No tennis shoes, deck shoes, shorts, or hooded sweatshirts are allowed on chapel days. 

Only school-approved BCS t-shirts may be worn on Spirit Fridays.  These t-shirts may be worn untucked.

Boys Pants and Shorts Policy
Boys Khaki or Navy Pants can may be purchased at the following vendors: Wal-Mart, GAP, Lands End (which can be purchased at Sears or online), Target and Dennis-LaRose.  The pants or shorts must be medium khaki (not too light or too dark) or navy and be flat-front or pleated.
They must be all-cotton classic styles consistent with style and color purchased from Dennis-LaRose. NO cargo pants, corduroy, or jeans-style pants are to be worn. No “skinny-style” pants are to be worn. No holes in pants or frayed hems are allowed. 

BCS reserves the right to determine the degree of consistency of the style and color of boys’ pants in relation to the pants purchased from Dennis-LaRose. 

Note: All SaintShop apparel is NOT necessarily approved for daily wear at BCS. Be certain to check regulations when making purchases.

Notable Upcoming Dates:
1/28          Soundscape/"Dynamo" concert
1/31          Admission Open House
2/6-2/7      Cheerleaders at Nationals in Orlando, FL
2/8-2/12    Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week
2/12          Basketball Homecoming Game
2/14-2/17  Spring College Tour
2/15          Student Holiday/Teachers In-Service
2/15          First Day of Spring Sports
2/18-2/20  Mary Poppins Musical Performances
2/25-2/27  Mary Poppins Musical Performances
3/1            Great Works of the Heart
3/3            Spring Choir Concert
3/4-3/5      State Basketball Championships
3/7-3/11    Spring Break


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