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Achievement Testing

1.  Program Workshop


1.     Sum Sense

2.     Meteor Multiplication

3.     Grand Prix Multiplication

4.    Create A Graph

5.    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

6.    Place Value

7.    Shark Pool Place Value
8.    Valentine Shape Matching
9.    Clock Game
10.   Math is Fun
11.   Online Clock Games 
12.   Clock Shoot  

13.   Online Timed Multiplication Quizzes

14.   Math-Play.com Multiplication Games
Multiplication Games - Hooda Math

16.   Diaper Derby - Mulitplication Math Game



1.   Sheppard Software - Preschool and Kindergarten  

2.   Julia's Rainbow Corner 

3.   Knee Bouncers 

4.   Literacy Center Shapes


Language Arts

1.    Contractions Jigwords
2.    Contractions Speedwords
3.    Kids Writing
4.    Word Families



1.    Starfall

2.   Johnny Appleseed:

a.     About Johnny Appleseed – research

b.     Color a Johnny Appleseed Picture

c.     Watch Johnny Appleseed Story

d.     Find the Hidden Pictures

3.   Dedection - BBC
4.   Sequencing
5.   Spelling City
6.   Sergeant Safari's Survival Quiz
7.   Cyber Classroom
8.   Phonemic Processing
9.  Sight Words with Samson  
10.   Dr. Seuss Llinks:
         a. Dr. Seuss Quizzes 
Dr. Seuss Preschool Games 
Dr. Seuss Elementary Games
Metaphors and Similies Activities
Figurative Language Games
13.  Eye on Idioms


1.   Cell Structure Quiz

2.   Cell Function Quiz

3.   Biomes   - Teacher only

4.   Ecosystems

5.   Ecosystems 2
6.   Biomes

Biomes 3
Weather Predicting
Weather Games
10.  The U.S. Popcorn Board
11.  Popcorn.org 
12.  JollyTime 
13.  Bats
14.  Spider Fact Index
15.  Cell Puzzle Page 
16.  The Weather Station!!!!!
17.  Live Science Skeleton

Search Engines

1.     Sweet Search 


Social Studies

1.   Collierville, Tennessee:
      a.   City of Collierville - Wikipedia
      b.   City of Collierville Leadership
      c.   Collierville, Tennessee - About.com
      d.   Collierville, TN Profile 
      e.   Things To Do in Collierville - About.com
2.   Bartlett, Tennessee:
      a.   City of Bartlett 
      b.   City of Bartlett - History

      c.   City of Bartlett Leadership

3.   Germantown, Tennessee:
      a.   City of Germantown 
City of Germantown - History
      c.   City of Germantown - Wikipedia
4.   Lakeland, Tennessee:
      a.   All About Lakeland
      b.   City of Lakeland

      c.   City of Lakeland - Wikipedia
      d.   Lakeland, Tennessee – Google Search
5.   Olive Branch, Mississippi - History
6.   Memphis, Tennessee:
      a.   City of Memphis 
      b.   City of Memphis - History
7.   Arlington, Tennessee:
      a.   Town of Arlington, Tennessee
      b.   Arlington, Tennessee - Wikipedia
      c.   Arlington, TN Map

8.   Shiloh
      a.   Shiloh - Tennessee History
      b.   Virtual Guide to Shiloh

      c.   List of the sites
      d.   Life of a Soldier During the Civil War

        e.   American Civil War.com 
9.   The First Thanksgiving 
10.  Ben Franklin Cyber Hunt
11.  7 Wonders of the Ancient World
King Tut 1 
13.  King Tut 2 
14.  Time for Kids - Landmarks
15.  Discovery Channel Landmarks
16.  Ancient China - BrainPop, Jr.
17.  Battle of Collierville  
18.  Explorers
19.  The Sign of the Beaver:
        a.  The French and Indian War 
        b.  Interesting Facts About Colonial Life in 1769 
        c.  The 13 American Colonies 
        d.  British Colonies in North America 1763-1775 
        e.  A Brief History of Maine 
         f.  Native American Tribes of Maine 
        g.  Penobscot Indian Tribe 
        h.  The 13 Britsh Colonies Map x
         i.  Archery Basics 
         j.  Arrows
20.  Benjamin Franklin:
         a. Ben Franklin Cyberhunt
         b. A Quick Biography of Benjamin 
         c. The Franklin Institute 
         d. Benjamin Franklin Inventor 
         e. 27 Interesting Facts about Ben Franklin
21.  CIA World Factbook
22.  Fact Monster Country Facts
23. The 50 States:
         a. State Units of Study 
         b. US States - Enchanted Learning
         c. Learn about the 50 States - NetState.com
         d. TN History for Kids - for TN only
         e. ProTeacher Lessons By State 
         f.  50States.com 
         g. InfoPlease - States
         h. State Maps for Tagxedo
24. Battle of Collierville Pictures 
25. Shiloh Pictures 

26. Elections:

         a. Electing a President 
         b. American President
         c. Election 2012  
27. History Timelines of the USA 
28.Second Grade Tennessee History
29. State and Capitals Practice
         a. USA Games - Sheppard Software
         b. US States and Capitals Map - Owl & Mouse
         c. Where is That? - FunBrain
         d. United States Capitals Map Quiz
         e. US States and Capitals - ABCYa



1.  Smartboard activities
2.  Thanksgiving Activites:
     a. Thanksgiving Wordfind 
     b. Thanksgiving Wordfind Challenge
     c. The First Thanksgiving

3.   Christmas Tree Coloring Page 
4.  Briarcrest Google Apps Login Page 
5.  Tagxedo 
Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt 
7.  QR Valentine
8.  100th Day of School activities
9.  2014 Winter Olympics

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