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High School

At Briarcrest, we have an incredible opportunity to reach and educate our students.  Briarcrest is more than simply a school; it is a ministry where students are given the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ up close and personal.
Through chapel programs, Bible studies, mentoring groups, community service opportunities, mission trips and many more activities, we are able to expose our students to the goodness and the relevancy of God. We are training the next generation of leaders to carry these truths into the world.

Distinctive Elements of Christian Life at Briarcrest

At Briarcrest Christian School our purpose is clear, we partner with the family to equip and mobilize the student to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our teachings are distinctively Biblical worldview; we believe that the Bible is the foundation upon which all education rests; in the classroom, on stage, through athletics, and in all extra-curricular activities.  If you should have any questions, feel free to call, Kent Austell, Director of Religious Affairs, Kent Austell at tkaustell@briarcrest.com.

Community Service

Our community service involvement was born out of a desire to help students fulfill the Christian call to discipleship and stewardship. Following the example of Christ, we are called to serve Him by serving others. At Briarcrest, we give our students many opportunities to serve others, not only in our communities but the world as well. 

In the high school, our biggest service opportunity of the year is our “One Great Day of Service.” It is a day devoted to service of others. All the high school students and faculty participate in a variety of service projects throughout the Memphis area. In the past, we have visited over 65 agencies:  Alzheimer Association, Carestone, Cystic Fibrosis, ICON ministries, LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center, Life Choices, Humane Society, Memphis Leadership Foundation, Memphis Union Mission, Pink Palace, Senior Services, Youth Villages, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Calvary Rescue Mission, Berclair Elementary, Brinkley Heights Urban Academy, Bartlett Animal Hospital, First Works, Hands on Memphis, Lichterman Nature Center, New Hope Christian Academy, MIFA, Memphis Athletic Ministries, Neighborhood Christian Center, Cerebral Palsy, Baptist Children’s Home, Bent Tree Hope Center, The Country Place, For the Kingdom, Impact Ministries, Kirby Pines, Family Shelter, Moriah House, Shine in the Dark, Arthritis Foundation, Multi-national Ministries, Bibles for China, Clovernook, Holy Community Church, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Botanical Garden, Mid-South Arc, Miracle Baptist Church, Porter Leath Children’s Center, Salvation Army, The Food Bank, United Way, Youth Visions, and First Presbyterian Church. 


In addition to “Great Day of Service,” we provide our students with other opportunities to serve throughout the school year. We offer all school opportunities whereby all three school divisions (High School, Middle School and Elementary School) participate in donating food, clothes, or toys for various charities. We also offer high school opportunities for service through Bible Ministries, Bridge Builders, and Clubs-Christian-Based.


* Bible Ministries is a program of study offered through the Bible Department. This class meets in the morning before the school day begins, approximately twice a month. Students are required to have a specific number of contact hours on the mission field, ministering to the needs of others. Instructional time deals with book studies on the meekness and servant hood and of Christ.


* Bridge Builders is an organization that is founded on the principle of bridging the differences between the students of metropolitan Memphis. Students in Bridge Builders participate in a summer leadership and diversity training program at the University of Memphis.



Throughout the school year, clubs meet monthly.  Although there are many different types of clubs, several of the clubs emphasize Christian development.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes-The FCA club provides athletes opportunities to hear and share Christian messages within the realm of High School athletics.  FCA also special events and community gatherings with other Memphis-area schools and their athletes to promote positive Christian attitudes in sports.   After many Briarcrest sporting events, FCA hosts "Fifth Quarters" to provide a safe, social gathering place to have fun and fellowship.


IMPACT-Designed for students to learn Biblical Leadership training on a practical level. This club can be a powerful tool for those serious about spiritual development.


Key Club is a high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. The Key Club provides students with the opportunity to serve the local and world community



Our chapel program seeks to share the gospel in culturally relevant terms.  The purpose is to have a corporate worship experience in which students have the opportunity to meet Christ where they are with the ultimate goal of helping them to walk daily in a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

Chapel is a weekly scheduled program filled with music from a live praise band, dramatic presentations, and speakers from the faculty, as well as, the local church.

Chapel Objectives:

1. Hear the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and have an opportunity to personally respond to Him.
2. Develop a better understanding of what it means to “love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.”
3. Identify and/or begin to develop the spiritual disciplines in his/her own Christian life.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring “…fill your mind and mediate on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious…. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized” Phil 4:8-9

The mentoring program exists to provide supportive relationships between mature believers and high school students. It is modeled by Christ (“then Jesus chose twelve, that they might be with Him” Mk 3:14). When He chose twelve men to be His disciplines, He knew that optimal learning and life-transformation would take place if He invited these men to not only listen to His words, but also to watch His life and to ask questions about what they were experiencing. 
It is important for students to discuss with their mentor and fellow students spiritual matters in a non-classroom format.  By analyzing pop culture, the world around them and its influences on their lives, student and mentors can help each other figure out the life of today’s teenager who is learning to following Christ in a time of mixed messages.
We have a short time to impart biblical wisdom that will help set the course for the rest of students’ lives.  Our focus for the mentoring program fall into 4 categories:

1. Authentic Faith
2. Christian Worldview
3. Relationships
4. Moral boundaries/wise decisions 

Bible Studies

Bible Studies exist to glorify God through a deepening relationship where each participate is serving an active role of fellowship, accountability, and encouragement. For more information on grade-level meeting times, please call Coach Kent Austell, Director of Student Ministries tkaustell@briarcrest.com.

Mission Trips

Each year students from Briarcrest serve Jesus Christ by serving others on mission trips.  This year, we are fortunate to be partnering with Orphanos Foundation of Memphis in our trip to Quito, Ecuador, March 9-16, 2013.  While in Ecuador, we will be working with a local school, Montebello Academy.  We will be serving the community through various ministry opportunities.  One of the highlights of this trip will be facilitating vacation bible schools to local children in a community near the site of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot is evangelization of the Huaorani people in "Operation Auca". 

How much does a trip cost?
The cost of each trip is different. Please check the application section for cost of each trip.

How do I pay for the cost?  Many students will solicit funds from extended families, church members, and friends. You can also work jobs to help offset the cost as well as participate in our fund-raising opportunities.

How will I know how much support I have raised?  Throughout the months leading up to the trip, you will receive a printout which will contain the total funds raised as well as the names of those that have donated.

What can I wear on the trip?  Guidelines for dress are given in the mission trip manual.  Specifically, we will adhere to the culture of those we are serving and will be respectful of their customs.  Modesty is a given. 

During the trip, will I be able to communicate with my child?  Yes!  Each trip leader will have contact names and phone numbers.  We also encourage our students to call home throughout the week.  Oftentimes, the destinations do not allow for such communication, so you will need to ask your trip leader.

What type of commitment is required to make this trip? 
• Fill out application and pay deposit
• Parent (at least one) must attend the parent meeting
• Participate in Dodge ball tournament
• Each team member will sign up for different responsibilities preparing for the trip
• Make 4 of the 5 team meetings during activity period
• Participate in the packing party
• A consistent prayer life concerning the trip

What do I need to pack for the trip?  Each trip has a different packing list based on the location and timing of the trip.  Consult your trip leader for the specific packing list.

What types of shots or vaccinations are required for the trip?  We consult the Center for Disease Control which maintains an updated list.  Oftentimes the organization that we are visiting will suggest specific vaccinations, about which we will keep you informed.

What will we be doing on the trip?  As the trip draws near, a detailed itinerary will be available through your trip leader.

Do I need a passport?  If you are traveling out of the country, a passport is required.  The BCS Mission Manual contains the location and addresses of local passport agencies.  If you do not have a passport, please apply early. 

How many suitcases can I bring with me?  Because we will typically bring one suitcase of donated items per team member, you are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one check-in suitcase.

How much money should I bring?  The trip leader will give you the recommended amount based on the location of the travel.  In general, the only money necessary will be for souvenirs.

Will my child be supervised?  Typically we try to keep the adult-to-student ratio less than 6 to 1.  Oftentimes, the organization we are visiting has a minimum ratio that we need to meet in order to participate. 



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