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The Lord has blessed Briarcrest in the face of tough economic times. We are so thankful to Him that our enrollment continues to be strong. We continue to receive new inquiries and applications from students who are interested in attending Briarcrest. We have found over the years that the best form of advertising comes from you, our parents. Even though we advertise in the newspaper and other media, it is the testimonials and personal stories of how Briarcrest has been a good educational experience for your family that mean the most to prospective families who are searching for a school for their children.

We feel that a Briarcrest education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. Many times prospective parents want to know “What is it about Briarcrest that you like the most?” We have listed just a few of the areas that are considered beneficial in communicating why Briarcrest is so special. Please feel free to share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. We can serve more students. The more students we serve, the easier it is to keep your tuition costs down.


Briarcrest Christian School is dedicated to the development of well-rounded students. We are a Christian school. We believe Briarcrest helps prepare your child spiritually. Christian families make up the great majority of our enrollment, but we are excited about the opportunity to minister to a child whose family is not Christian.

As a co-ed school, we believe Briarcrest prepares your child to learn and interact successfully in a co-ed world. As a K2-12 school, we believe Briarcrest allows your child the continuity to form friendships that will last a lifetime. Briarcrest serves the broadest spectrum of student needs and aspirations; we are not a niche school. We serve a wide range of academic abilities. We are not a sports academy, but we have great athletes, without resorting to offering athletic scholarships. We are not a fine arts school, but we have many talented artists participating in the band, choir, theatre and visual art programs. Briarcrest offers so much more. Briarcrest offers balance.


Briarcrest has outstanding programs for academically gifted students, including Plus, Passport, as well as honors and Advanced Placement courses. We offer Dual Enrollment programs with Union University and University of Memphis through which students can earn college credit while finishing their high school graduation requirements. We provide one of the most extensive curriculum offerings for a broad range of academic abilities and learning styles, including a wonderful program for students with learning differences.
Virtually all students graduating from Briarcrest’s college-prep program matriculate to well-respected colleges and universities in the Southeast and across the country, including top tier academic schools like Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, and Rhodes, as well as, Christian colleges and universities like Baylor, Samford, Taylor, and Union.

The Advantage of a Co-Ed School for Interpersonal Skills and Social Maturity

One of the most important benefits of students attending school in a co-ed environment is the process of developing their interpersonal skills and social maturity. They will need these skills during their years in college and later in the workplace. The reality is that most colleges, most workplaces and, indeed, the whole world is co-ed. It is self-evident that a co-ed school prepares students to be able to learn, interact and work with students of the opposite gender. It is better for young men and women to learn these social and interpersonal skills in the controlled environment of a co-ed, K-12, Christian school rather than waiting until they are cast into the unfamiliar environment of the freshman year college experience.


Our athletic program is among the most comprehensive and successful in the area, without having to offer scholarships for athletic purposes. We have the privilege of playing in the TSSAA Division II West AA for large schools. We provide the most comprehensive offering of boys’ and girls’ sports, including football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, basketball, wrestling, bowling, swimming, trap shooting, baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, tennis and cheerleading.

Fine Arts

The breadth and quality of our fine arts program is second to none. In our elementary program, we have a wonderful music and visual arts program. In middle and high school, we offer the full spectrum of choir, band, theater, and visual arts. These programs have been recognized with numerous individual and group awards for excellence.

Christian Ministry

Our Christian faith is integrated throughout all of our programs and courses of study. As an outreach of our Christian mission and philosophy, we have a great community service program. We also sponsor mission trips, both at home and abroad, that minister to people’s needs and provide opportunities to share God’s love.

Convenient Locations

We offer a “one-stop-shop” for three-year old preschool through 12th grade at our Houston Levee campus. This location is ideally located between Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, Eads, Arlington and Fayette County.
Our East Memphis campus is dedicated to serving as a full-service elementary school for students from two-year old preschool through 5th grade. Many grades enjoy smaller student-teacher ratios. Students benefit from the same program of studies as elementary students at the Houston Levee campus, but also enjoy the luxury of having access to the wonderful facilities at the East Memphis campus.

Setting Priorities

Here are a few questions parents can ask themselves when they are considering a school for their child. From kindergarten through twelfth grade, your child will spend about 16,000 hours in the classroom. Where do you want your child to spend that time? Do you want all of your child’s teachers to have the same values and belief system that you do? Do you want biblical principles to be incorporated into your child’s curriculum? Do you want your child to pray and be led in prayer? There is no such thing as a “value neutral” education. Gordon Clark, a Christian philosopher and theologian, said, “The school system that ignores God teaches its pupils to ignore God.”
Briarcrest offers a balanced, affordable, high-quality Christian education that meets the needs of students and parents alike. We appreciate you helping spread the word about the value of a Briarcrest education to your friends and family.


Mark Merrill, President
Briarcrest Christian School


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